Phil Harris was born in 1956, to a fisherman father. At age 8, Phil's mother died of cancer. His father had no idea how to raise a kid, so he took him fishing. From age 8 through his teens Phil worked on his dad's salmon boat. Phil had a knack for finding the salmon. He wanted to get into the alaskin crab fishery, so he went to find a job. He got a job working for free on a crab boat and for one month, was sea sick the entire time. He got the chance the to skippper his father's crab boat, after a huge wave hit the boat nearly sinking it, the season beforei Phil wasn't on the boat when the wave hit because he had been home with a broken wrist. His father took a vaction handing Phil the keys. Phil married his wife Mary, in the 1980s. They had their boys Josh and Jake, before getting a divorce in 1990. Phil bought the Cornillia Marie in 1991. In 2005, Phil's son Jake started working on the boat. Followed by Josh one year later. In 2008, Phil had a blood clot move from his leg into his lung, making him miss the 2008 opilio season. In January 2010, Phil had a stroke while off loading the Cornillia Marie at St. Paul Island. He was med evacted to Anchoradge where he died on February 9, 2010. HIs sons Jake and Josh tried to keep the Cornillia Marie going but couldn't. Jake is taking a break from crab fishing, to take control of his addiction. Josh is a deckand on the F/V Time Bandit, trying to gain enough money to run the Cornillia Marie once again. Phil loved everything on wheels; his cars and bikes. He loved his dog, sons, and anything with adrenaline.He also loved making very decorative birdhouses when he was homefrom crab fishing.